Classifieds adds

Dynamic web system for classifieds adds, the possibility of multilinguage, responsiv design, powerful admin panel.
  1. Unlimited number of categories and subcategories for classifieds adds.
  2. Unlimited number for classifieds adds.
  3. Definition of number of photos for each listing, add additional photos after payment.
  4. Additional fields for all categories, search by additional fields.
  5. Location of seller via Google maps / option can be turned off /.
  6. Notification by email to expiry date of listing.
  7. Promoting of classifieds to show first, bold border, label
  8. "Special" different colors and so on. Pricing for each promotion
  9. All methods of payment.
  10. Several different ways to display the system.
  11. Translated into Bulgarian language site and administration.
  12. Module filters.
  13. Module categories.Module "promotion" for classifieds adds.Contact form to seller / owner.
  14. Declarant may announce a tender for for classifieds adds placed of them
  15. Limitation of size pictures.
  16. Limitation of characters in the description, pay for more characters
  17. Custom fields in the contact form.Administration via site section.
Working system for classifieds adds here