Уеб сайт за малък бизнес с административен панел

Site for classifieds adds

Site for ads, free, paid, promoted, multilingualism, reputable design, powerful admin panel.
This type of ads site offers users posted ad (s) in a personal dashboard. From the board the controller will be able to manage his ads. As well as tracking the visits, referrals, and browsers from which the ad was viewed. The control panel allows you to edit each published ad.

    1. Unlimited number of categories and ad categories.
    2. Unlimited number of ads.
    3. Determining the number of photos per ad, adding additional photos after payment.
    4. Additional fields for all categories, possibility to search the extra fields.
    5. Advertiser location through Google Maps / optional, option can be excluded /.
    6. Notification by expiration email.
    7. Promote ads to appear first, in bold, label
    "Special", different coloring and so on. Pricing for each promotion,
    8. All payment methods.
    9. Several different ways of displaying the system.
    10. Translated into Bulgarian language, site and administration.
    11. Module search filters on the site.
    12. Module Categories to select one or more categories to search for.
    Module "Promoted" ads.
    13. Contact the advertiser / Advertiser.
    14. Limiting the size of the photos.
    15. User fields in contact form.
    16. Contact Admin via site chat.
    17. User control panel with options to promote, edit, delete, their ads.
     18. Full ads visitor statistics by, unique views, browsers, OS, referals, etc.


Price for building Classifieds adds site - BGN 1299