Сайт за автосервиз

Doctors Website

A doctors website, clinics and laboratories suitable for one or more healthcare professionals. Has a responsive (mobile) view to open from any mobile device.
Functionality and interfaces:
Convenient and intuitive easy-to-navigate interface. The presence of useful and functional supplements makes this site very convenient for doctors.
System capabilities:
Of great importance here is the ability to record free hours online for viewing of any type. Like after enrollment, the busy hour can no longer be selected for the day. The site admin (s) for the doctor's site, as well as the visitor who has booked the viewing hours, receive notification emails.
Recording for an hour can be done after registering a user, which is strong (recommended) or unregistered, by any visitor to the Doctor site.

With this site for doctors and clinics you get:

  • Responsive (mobile design) to open the site from any device.
  • Powerful page builder (works on all pages and posts) so you can create dynamic and beautiful content.
  • Heather in different styles that you can style yourself (using the Layouts add-on) as you wish and like.
  • Feet in different styles that you can style yourself (using the Layouts add-on) as you wish and like.
  • User visitor statistics system by different criteria
  • System to protect the site from hacking, SQL injections and attempts at malicious access.
  • Site multilingualism (extra).
  • Calendar that allows you to book online different types of medical examinations (with different custom fields for each type of calendar).
  • Set a different calendar with different fields for each doctor / specialist.
  • Blog section in which to publish your articles in your chosen blog category.
  • News section in which you can publish interesting articles (news) in your chosen news category.
  • Well prepared for SEO optimization, this site for doctors and clinics will appear at the forefront of search engines.
  • Portfolio section with 2.3 or 4 column view, which is suitable for different projects or other things.
  • Well-looking price tables with the ability to redirect for enrollment to the procedure, doctor, service, calendar ..
  • Unlimited menus and sub menus.
  • Unlimited pages and publications.
  • Contact forms with different fields.
  • Add-on to cache content to load the site faster
  • Add-on to optimize MYSQL tables, remove empty tables.
  • Add-on for resizing images on the site for faster loading.
  • A powerful slider for images that appear in the places you want is the pages of your choice.
Doctors website, building price - 1499 BGN.