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E-commerce building

E-commerce is becoming a recognized way to sell and buy. Every business has its place in the Internet, using Web-based platforms for the web trade, more commonly found "electronic stores". The more opportunities we offer such a platform, the more effective it will be.

Here are the options offered by the platform which we use:

  1.     Fully translated in Bulgarian language site parts and administration
  2.     User friendly interface
  3.     Create unlimited categories / subcategories
  4.     Create unlimited number of products
  5.     Unlimited pictures Product / restrictions for uploads type image /
  6.     Prices for big customers after input in system, as dealers. Prices are only visible if the user has have access.
  7.     Different styles / views of the product page
  8.     Different styles / view from categories
  9.     Creating additional custom fields for products, categories, addresses ...
  10.     Search criteria (create filters to search optional), to custom fields
  11.     All possible methods of payment
  12.     Import products
  13.     Export products
  14.     Export database
  15.     Field for meta description of each product
  16.     Field for meta keywords for each product
  17.     Ability to add product in multiple categories
  18.    Tags "New", "Discount", "Top" and etc .. without limitation, aech label may have a different icon / image.
  19.     Download files of each product, drivers, pdf and other instructions
  20.     Options for the product (for laptops: add more RAM memory insurance ..., the price is calculated automatically).
  21.     Options for product color, size and other ......
  22.     Show old (crossed out) and a new date price
  23.     Prices in multiple currencies
  24.     Automatic updates of currencies
  25.    System for comparing products, you create the criteria by custom fields
  26.     Manage tax rates

See Working E-shop demo

Price for building e-commerce - BGN 1299