News web site

News site

A news site that has a powerful website builder. With it, you will be able to shape the posts as you like. The news site is prepared for SEO optimization as well as fast loading. It offers many opportunities to publish different types of news in different categories. However, a publication can be included in several categories at the same time.
It has a fully responsive design that allows it to be accessed by any mobile device (smartphones, tablets, tablets).


Here are some of the features of this news site:

  • Fully responsive design (for mobile rendering).
  • Powerful page builder with which you can create pages and posts and save them as templates.
  • Prepared for SEO optimization with a purpose-built structure.
  • Moodle subscription newsletter by emailing subscribers.
  • Show different types of news (latest, most read, archives ...).
  • Show or hide the number of views for each news item.
  • Defining different levels of access for site editors.
  • Show or hide the author of the news.
  • Show or hide news category.
  • Posting video news, which can be used to upload external social networks or to your server.
  • Sponsored ad positions that determine where to show them.
  • Write comments for each news item and post it with the editor's approval (there is also an auto-publish option).
  • Set date and time to auto-publish an article / post.
  • Multi-language support (the site may be in several languages).
  • Protection against hacker attacks and other unwanted and malicious bots and users.
  • Follow Us module for various social networks.
Price for building a news site - 1299 BGN.