Site unique copyrighted content

Site content, creating unique copyrighted content

Site content, creating unique copyrighted content

The title of the page in the website must be connected to the rest of the content in this same page.
If it comes to an e-shop product page, then write a description, model and number, if any.

The actual content must be detailed and sufficiently comprehensive  to allow the user to understand what you want to present.

This strategy will help you a lot for the SEO optimization of the web site from search engines like Google, Bing ....
It is also recommendable to make internal links to other pages by using words and phrases with which to connect them. In order to use this method, you should carefully write the page content.
Seen from the perspective of optimizing your site, the content of each page should be unique and not be repeated in other pages.

Of course, the content is not just text, but also images. I recomend you the images to be compressed - it will help much for faster loading of the website. Also I recommend to use  PNG 8 or at least, where necessary PNG 24 format of the images in your site.
Do not leave blank fields for keywords and meta description, and also alt-text and description. Key words you select select must be chosen from the content of the current page, this applies to any page on the site.

Do not bet on small and blur content with more images, this is not liked by Google, will not give the desired result to be on front page searches.
When it comes to content on product page, try for each product individually to put description that is detailed for the product.

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