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Multilingual website maintenance it is a necessary?  FAQ!

Very often people whose sites made it are only for Bulgaria think, that multilingual support is not necessary. But this is a very wrong understanding of things, because in Bulgaria there are many foreigners who live here and they looking for just their products and services.
Also, the site that has a language other than their main optimizes better in Google, because for each article / Button has individual fields for optimization. So, that the how many language you have to your site you have more opportunities for visits.

Other common question is "Everything need to translate?"

And here the answer is "YES" ...
This is necessary because of the association of the content of all languages on the website.
What does that mean?
When you are in an article, and click on the flag to change the language, then loads the homepage of the site. This is not correct in this case the site should open the same page but the other language. But when this page is missing because it is not translated, the browser opens the home page of the of your site.
This requires each page on your site to have the equivalent of the languages that your site supports. And also these pages are associated with each other!

But how to translate a web site?

There are two ways, one is with automatic translator by Google translator, but this is inaccurate and incorrect translation, and often funny. This type of translation is not serious for serious people :)
And the second type is exactly the one that I use, standard multilingual website. In which each one article is translated by a translator / s for each relevant language. As the content of the website itself, I mean system translation of the site.

Java или Джава е обектно-ориентиран език за програмиране.