Site for big hotels

Site for big hotels with booking system for rooms

Site for big hotels and hotels complexes with reservation system, room bookkeeping. Opportunity for multilingualism, availability calendar, responsive design, powerful admin panel.
This hotel site is suitable for medium and large hotels (hotel compliments with several affiliates) It is intended to monitor the availability of free rooms both by site visitors and by the administration. Also from the administrative part, administrators can book rooms that are reserved by phone or email or on site. This immediately affects the real availability that visitors see on the site.

See some options of hotel sysytem:

  • Very detailed room management system.
  • Detailed Pricing System.
  • Prices of accommodation and accommodation.
  • Different prices for annual seasons.
  • Different weekend or holiday / weekend rates.
  • Option for options such as breakfast, extra beds,
    tourist tax, and so on.
  • Prices may vary depending on the number of people, for each room, eg triple room 2 adults for different price.
  • Fees depending on the age of the children
  • Possibility to determine the minimum and maximum length of stay in some months or period of the year.
  • Possibility to Determine Arrival Week Day (s) of certain months / seasons / period of the year.
  • Ability to combine your stay for some dates of the year as Friday-Monday, Monday to Friday, Friday to Friday.
  • Discount system - coupons and vouchers.
  • Individual payment methods.
  • Detailed administrative part, availability calendar.
  • Reservation management.
  • Made by phone.
  • Multilinguality with built-in translation system.
  • Paypal payment.
  • Offline Credit Card Payment Method Pre-installed for collecting credit card information, without charging customers.
  • Bank Transfer Payment Method.
  • SSL support for secure connections.
  • Excellent preparation for SEO optimization.
  • Powerful website builder with many modules.

Price for hotel site - BGN 1299