Site for auto services

Site for auto services

Site for auto services is a convenient and functional web based system. It is suitable for small and medium and large auto repair shops. Fully translated into Bulgarian in the administration and part of the site.

Site for auto services have custom graphic design, creating unique graphic design (extra charge). Integrated visions of the services page as well as the homepage.
Creation of various auto services, without limitation of categories and types of services, unlimited number of photos on the site.
Dynamic map of the location of the service, the creation of additional fields and search filters for each field.
Site for auto services which we offer has a calendar for online recording of customer visits. This calendar shows only the free hours / places that can be saved. The client and the administrator receive notification emails when there is a new subscription for a visit to the service.
An unlimited number of calendar types with different fill fields can be created for each of them:

  • Technical Review - GTR (with relevant fields).
  • Replacement of consumables (with appropriate fields).
  • Seasonal service (with appropriate fields).
  • Servicing for damage - auto insurance (with relevant fields).
  • Repairs (with relevant fields), etc.

Some of the features a car repair site has:

  • Convenient interface with multiple administrators at the same time.
  • Fully translated into Bulgarian / website and administrative part /.
  • Location of auto service on Google Maps.
  • Unlimited categories of subcategories and pages.
  • Unlimited number of services in different categories.
  • Filters with extra fields.
  • Writing user reviews.
  • Responsive design.
  • SEO optimization fields.
  • Calendar to record your free time for viewing
  • Powerful page builder and layout designer. Which lets you add: images, icons, quotes, titles, and more.
Price for auto service site - BGN 1299