Static or dynamic website?

Static site features and advantages

Static websites are used and will be used in the future, they will not cease to exist, as some assume.
These types of sites are used by people who know HTML / HTML5, and themselves can edit and modify the content of the site, through direct access to the code, or by any editor.

Also static website is preferred by people who need a website business card to stand on the Internet, and provides general information such as its activities, gallery, prices, and contacts, as this information changes very rare when changing address / office for example.

They need less space, they are lighter and don't need hiring of developer or company to maintain the site. They have responsive design and can be indexed in search engines.

Dynamic web site - features and advantages

Dynamic web site are much more functional and comfortable for work. They offer user-friendly interface organized in the administrative part also called administration panel. This makes working with them interesting and enjoyable, providing opportunities to administer the site very convenient and fast.

The contents of this type of sites can be changed, deleted or added at any time. For this purpose the so-called "Administrative Panel" can be accessed from both the PC and from any mobile device (tablet, phablet, smartphone). Also, there are no restrictions how many pages, menus, galleries, products, or items will be created and published.

In practice, a site can be transformed into everything you want: an electronic shop, or system for real estate; website for job posting or dealership site.

Static site features and advantages
Dynamic site system features

Dynamic site system features

  1. Multilingual website, without restriction on the number of languages. The translation of the site content is provided by the client for each relevant language. Or me, as an extra charge.
  2. Contact form, that can be multiplied and modified as needed, unlimited number of times. Add any type of fields calendars to determine the date, radio buttons, multi choice, check boxes, file attachments, dynamic maps. Email content is retained in the base site-base, and is referred to as many emails as you like.
  3. Protection at the highest level with combined methods that ensure smooth operation of the system. We use the best software developers in the industry. RS and OSE. You receive an email every attack, IP protocols and detailed information about the attack. Record all logs into the site, restricting the access to your site from sertain states, IP addresses or specific range networks. Ability to scan the site for malware.
  4. Regular upgrades of the system with the latest stable version is made with 4 clicks quickly and simply.
  5. Regular update of components, modules, plugins and themes that are installed in the system
  6. Backup of the site at any time, it is 4 clicks quickly and simply. Restoring it for 4-5 minutes.Layout you desire, creating individual design, and site-esque "One page design".
  7. Ability to change the look of the site, changing the position of the modules in site-section and inclusion of page you want.
  8. Multiplying the modules for the various categories and pages. Different positioning of the modules.
  9. Map with the possibility of adding tags, locations, etc. ..... No restriction of thenumbers
  10. Freely add and remove content - pages, menus, contacts, photos
  11. Extended text editor with many options and a file manager
  12. Photo gallery with different views
  13. Changing header with animations extremely light and not burdensome loading site that supports mobile view (tablet phablet, smartphone)
  14. News module that displays your chosen category articles in news style
  15. Slider for news that can be displayed on your selected pages.
  16. Module for banners, allowing advertising to other businesses in your website. If you need and want.
  17. Responsive design so the site can be accessed from different devices and browsers.
Java или Джава е обектно-ориентиран език за програмиране.