Уеб сайт за малък бизнес с административен панел

Business site

Business site includes many extras, like: multi-language options, (multilingual support) that ensures better optimization and more visits to your site.

The individual graphic designof your busines site, will distinguish you from your competitors on the web, as well as focus on the strengths of all your  business services.

Responding theme allows the site to open from any type of drives, desktops, laptops, tablets, tablets, smartphones.

A well-structured website always provokes the interest and curiosity of the visitor and is considered in detail. This also ensures better rankings in search engines, and higher rankings in search engine results.

Business site is a necessary investment that will bring you new clients, partners and investors. Also, your business will be visible on the global network, which will help it grow.

Respect your Business, take care of it, and take care of it for you!
Your package is suitable for your business website.

Business site with an administrative panel that includes:

Individually developed theme
Responsiv design
30 pages / buttons
Picture Gallery
Administrative panel
Contact form
Site backup whit 4 click
Site search module
Site protection
Indexing of your site in search engines
Site map (SEO optimzation)
Learning to work with web system
Creating a business emails
Multilingual website
Marketing mailing system
Live chat support
Unlimited number of menus

Individually developed theme, which according to your desires and needs, fully customized color with your company logo and corporate colors used in your brand.

The theme must hold responsiv full view of all devices:

     Desktop computer
     Mobile phone

The launch of your site starts with 30 pages / button. But that does not mean that nyamma you be able to add more pages and buttons on your site. There is no limit how many pages will your site. You can add, edit, pause, delete sttanitsi at any time. 

Photo galleries on each page, if necessary, without limit to the number of photos and slideshows.

Administrative panel of your language with intuitive friendly looking interface, many options and modes. This allows the design to your site for optimum efficiency and representativeness. Same way you can clone modules, show them where you want and hide them where you do not want to show. 
File manager for direct access to directories on your site that allows change to code and adding new folders and other files without require access to c-panel of the site.

Contact form, which is made for each contact individually with different custom fields.
radio buttons 
check box 
Dropdaun list 
text fields
text areas 
Gagal cards
static content
Field email that prevents other input
Field telephone, which does not allow other input
..... And more other options. 
There is no limit to the fields used in each set form, and there is no limit on the number of forms.
No, this is not a joke! Only 4 clicks you can generate a backup of your a website without requiring access to the c-panel. 
Is nice after any change in the site and , especially after adding / changing information or products to generate one such backup. 
Is nice after any change in site, especially after adding / changing information or products to generate one such backup.
Integrating detailed search on the site , which may be displaying pages that you want. In general search engine is something normal, but large sites is especially important to her.
Integration of component for protection with detailed statistics of all logs and attempted tampering your site. Change the path to the administrator of the site.  Placing additional protective page, use more complex password , which later can change without make it less secure
Create account Attracta.com, where you can manage traffic, add the site networks, and write performance for your business.
Generating and displaying a site map, this helps tremendously in SEO optimization.
To have complete freedom to manage your site, you need to show you how:
How do I add, edit, stop and ask when to auto publish articles.
How do I add, edit, stop and ask when to auto publish auto buttons / menus.
How to make a backup of the site with 4 clicks.
How to upload, insert, resize photos, documents pages.
How to create photo galleries, as well as how to be displayed on your desired locations.
How to output modules of the pages where you want to display a module.
How to clone module and change its purpose.
How to create users in site, to determine their bottling rights to your needs.
Creating official emails to 10 pieces of this package. Which can reside on your hosting and termed of ........ @ yoursite.com.
Site in several languages , depending on your needs, translation of the content provided by the customer. Translation of technical part is translated by me, in appropriate languages .
System for sending mass emails , create multiple lists / lists and groups of recipients. 
Create different types of email templates 
Multilingual support 
Statistics of opening emails , unsubscribe of users, emails which gone to spam folder. 
Import and export of recipients (email lists) 
Unsubscribing link which leads to a small inquiry page, to specify the reason for the unsubscribe. .
Integrate live chat support via zopim live chat. For those of you who want to have a permanent connection with visitors to your site, this add-on has its own control panel that allows many different ways to connect with your visitors. There's also a mobile app for Android that can be installed on a mobile device. A convenient and functional solution that helps all site administrators.
You can create an unlimited number of menus (horizontal, vertical), submenus, pages and categories for articles. Turn them on only desired pages or categories.
Java или Джава е обектно-ориентиран език за програмиране.