Protecting Web site, little tips from me.

How to protect my website?
There are many ways to protect a website, but how many of them are effective working, that's another matter.  I'll try to give you little tips of a more general nature that might be applicable to your website. So let me start by listing.
1. The use of more complex passwords will hinder those who try to break into your site using generators for passwords.
Here you can check how secure is your password, and how much time would be needed for it to be broken, I use a little more complex passwords that you generate yourself ... something of this type: (DПР♀☺8F3М╜н♪☺ЖpM@_0CNhf♣#@`~), this is an exemplary password generated for approximately 30 seconds.
2.Always visit site from device which only you have access to the site, especially if the passwords for access to the administration saved, which often happens. If so, I recommend you to use portablre version of the browser to store on flash memory using it to access your site.
3. Using Trusted security software, to be installed in your website would not harm its security, on the contrary. The choice of such software is rich, but it is nice to consider reviews that other users have posted about it, it would prompted you right choice.
4. Regular updating of modules, components and plugins that are installed in your site, It will save you many headaches. Because very often an update is made only for improving the security of a plugin or to fix the omission made in its development.
5. Backup of your site, which is done after every change not dependent on what kind it is. Update frameworks or module, component, plugin or theme / template. Also, after changing the article, adding new etc ... It's nice after generating backup download it to local media, either hard disk or flash memory
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