Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO optimization

SEO optimization site, online shop or other specialized web system. Because everyone wants to go out, on the first page in Google. But how does it work and/ or why it does not work?

SEO optimization is a complex process that requires expertise in multiple areas and also - PATIENCE!

Here are some basic rules that determine whether the site will come to the front pages and has a good SEO optimization.

  • Filling the title of the page.
  • Meta-description of the page.
  • Meta keywords.
  • Ask the right robot for each page and menu.
  • Always fille the alt-tag fields.
  • Always fill in the fields for a description of the photo.
  • Add the site through Social Networks.
  • Add to other sites through links and articles.
  • Correct choice of domain name.
  • Internal connectivity through more links.
  • Connectivity to other sites and/ or link exchange.
  • Use short url addresses.
  • Use Site Map
  • Speed of the site.
  • Age of the domain.
  • Content of the pages.
  • Architecture of the site.
  • Tags.
  • Monitoring of the site-traffic.

Do not leave blank fields when write articles. The keywords must be directly related to the content, the same goes for meta description. Оbserve the ratio of the number of words over the length of the content.

Put links in pages that lead to other pages. Put links to other sites, so they also put links to your site. Use social networks like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE + .......

Post articles related to your activity on other sites.
Choice of name / domain is also very important -  proper name is what is close as possible to the subject of your business.
Use supplements tags and keyword generators.
Do not put hidden tags in pages! Do not repeat the same titles and descriptions!

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