Web site support - Is it necessary

Every website needs maintenance, regardless of what CMS-platform is made. Any such content management system there are updates and upgrades they are regular . They are placed to improve the functionality of sisitema or to improve security and not in few cases because the two things together. Along with these updates and upgrades are imposing and modules, components, plugins and themes used in the site. To make an update or upgrade of any on site or application that is installed it is necessary first to generate backup the entire site. This copy includes all files that are on the site to nastoshtchiyat moment everything Outgoing Director. As well as the full content of MYSQL databases as well as a user, and their passwords. It (copy) is needed to restore the site if a problem occurs in inatsaliraneto to update or apgreda.
Also, any application that is installed on the site, which is paid an annual license.

Included in the maintenance, SEO optimization?

Yes, the cost of maintenance in and SEO optimization, if agreed in advance what will be the sum of it. And what are the requirements of both sides of that happening. Because for effective SEO, there are things that need to be made Ohr owner of the site to allow it to optimizra and the funds given for SEO to be profitable. A key requirement is to regularly upload new information to the site, which of course is related to his business, or close to it. this allows for link building and optimization. It's nice at least three times a week to publish new things to section / news category. and it is nice to be updated already published ones.

Does it cost the maintenance and SEO optimization?

Does it cost the maintenance and SEO optimization?

Uploading information to the site, is it paid?

Качване и сваляне на информация в сайта?

Uploading and downloading information on the site?

We also provide such support for uploading, uploading and modifying any information on the content of the site. As well as archiving or temporarily downloading blog posts, articles, posts and topics. The cost of this type of support is determined by how often the content on the site changes.

Adding copyrighted content that we need to create pays extra. This service is called copywriting. It guarantees you the creation of unique content for your site which will help for better SEO optimization.

Java или Джава е обектно-ориентиран език за програмиране.